May 29, 2012

Ok so I had this dream that today, even though graduation was over people still went to school. Since school is over though people just chilled and Chris and I went to only the classes we wanted to go. In the end we went to Ms. Mauro’s class to eat and she somehow remembers both of us which surprised me. Then it was at night and my mom came to pick me up but she took the small car but the minivan was parked at school so I offered to drive on home. She said to leave it there so I tried to park it to the curb but I sucked ugh.

Then I dreamt I was raising a lion and it was black with a blue mane and it grew up and it was awesome.

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March 18, 2012

I had a dream I was at Macy*s and I tricked the make up lady to give me this expensive lipstick and I pocketted it and hid under the clothes rack. Then they knew that I stole something so they called the CIA to look for me. I waited for the perfect opportunity and dashed out of sight. I ran up escalators and between departments to make sure they don’t know where I am. I went outside to the mall and I was pretty sure they lost me. I heard an announcement to capture me and I continued running, avoiding any police or security. Then I was outside Forever 21 and I browsed through the clothes rack. There were a lot of really cute blouses and I wanted them all. Then I heard a man call out my name and it was the Forever 21 manager helping the CIA so I surrendered myself. I can’t believe even in a dream I was too occupied with shopping to escape…

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February 29, 2012

I had this dream I was at Chris’s house. He was having a house party so there were a lot of people over too. Then I noticed that deep in his house is another area of his home that he’s never shown me before. I went exploring. The extension was only upstairs and there’s a door that leads to the ‘living room’ of that portion of the house. In the middle of the living room was a fancy throne chair. I went into one of the guest rooms and I just sat there. Chris was in the restroom so I figured I should text him to find me so he’ll know I’m not in the regular part of the house. I hid under the blanket and he was looking for me in another guest room. Then he found me and he showed me around this part of his house and we cuddled. He left the room and I was sitting on the bed when a few of his party guests came in. They were all socially awkward preteen nerds and they thought no one was in the room. When they saw me, they were a bit disappoint but they made themselves at home anyway. I felt really awkward because they were being awkward so I went into another guest room. This time I hid in the closet but one look in the room and Chris was able to tell my location. We cuddled some more and we were about to cuddle in the other room but one of the nerds were on the computer playing nerdy games.

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February 21, 2012

I had this semi-action dream where Chris and I aren’t a couple yet. It started with me and Mi going to Japan Bowl with the current team of little people. Of course, they didn’t raise enough money so we ended up staying at the worst hotel possible. It was filled with cockroaches and rust and dirt and everything disgusting. The toilet wasn’t any better so I decided to skip out on peeing. After the competition, a car filled with secret agents picked me and Mi up. I was sitting next to Chris whom I’ve never met before so we started to introduce ourselves to each other. It was a long car ride and Chris and I started teasing and flirting with each other. Then we entered an underground parking lot. I got out of the car because I needed to pee really bad. On the parking lot floor laid a naked dead girl. Then a little boy pointed out that there’s a bug on her crotch. The investigators thought it was just her woman-parts so they left her alone and went to search for more evidence. Her woman parts came to life and crawled into the bathroom. It was actually a mind-controlling bug. I was peeing and it jumped on me and brainwashed me. Its next move was to seduce Chris and the end.

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January 21, 2012

I dreamt I was running on top of ancient Egyptian castles trying to flee from some bad people who were trying to catch me. Then it flashes to a part where some guy was blowing out balloons and I turned into a toddler fascinated by balloons. Chris was facing off the bad guy throwing the balloons and he warned Chris that soon, I’m going to be sucks into the balloon and float away. I’ll either die from the lack of oxygen or the helium intake or the high altitude as the balloon floats higher into the sky. I don’t remember what happened next.

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January 16, 2012

My horrible dream started at the school lunch line with Chris. Then I saw that there was nothing to eat but when I got out of the line, Chris disappeared. I figured he just went somewhere to get something and he’ll be back so I waited. It’s been a very long time and I was getting tired so I sat down on the stairs at the main quad. Loan came up to me and I asked her if she saw Chris but she said no. Then the Raider Review was being passed out and I got one from Ms. Yi but it was an old edition so I was disappointed. Then some weirdos came up to us and started talking. I was very uncomfortable but luckily, Ajay sat next to us and made us laugh with his usual self. Then it was getting late into lunch time and I still haven’t found Chris. I got up and went to look for him. First I called him because that would have been the easiest solution but he didn’t answer. I went to Mr. Taylor’s class but it was completely empty. Then I went to Mr. Chan’s class but he wasn’t there either. Now I know that he has to be in Mrs. Guttal’s class. By the time I arrived at L7’s door, it was evening. I saw Tammy standing outside because the Silver Creek kids wouldn’t let her in. The door didn’t have a doorknob from the outside so I knocked and assured them I’m not Tammy. They let me in. Chris was sitting in the right corner in the back of the room with a group of people. I was furious. He didn’t bother to call or pick up his phone or look for me. I went over and started yelling at him and punched his arm. He ignored me. I went to the other side of the room and cried. I’ve never cried so hard in my life, real or dream life. But he didn’t even come over. I left the room and he finally followed me and he acted like nothing happened.

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November 29, 2011

I had this dream Chris and I went to see a volleyball game at the opposing team’s high school. After the game, we were in the room right outside the gym. There was a glass display of cute little cakes and there was this delicious-looking strawberry cake that I really wanted. I looked back and Chris shouted “AWWH YEAAHH CAKE’S ON ME!” and the volleyball team cheered. Then I got sad and I looked at him. He realized what he did and apologize. I still didn’t get my cake though. :(

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November 27, 2011

I don’t really remember what happened in my dream but I was sharing a room with my sister again and Billy and Wendy were jumping on their bed in the room next to ours. Then we heard a big crash and everyone ran into my room. The ceiling collapsed and crushed my bed. Billy and Wendy were jumping too hard and the bed broke through the ceiling. I was furious beyond imagination but I calmed down. I wondered how the ceiling could have collapsed if they were jumping in the room next to ours. I told my dad that it must be possessed and I refused to sleep there tonight. Then our room was magically fixed but I was still paranoid that the ceiling could bust any minute so I decided to sleep in the living room.

The next dream, I was taking my allergy medicine. I popped the pill in my mouth and took a sip of water. The glass of water had about 50 pills in there and I unknowingly drank them all. I didn’t swallow any of it and I went to spit them out. Some of the pills started dissolving so it was a lot harder to spit them out. I kept spitting and spitting and I tried to brush them out with my toothbrush. Then I started using mouthwash and brush even harder. Luckily, I eventually got them all out.

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October 23, 2011

I had this dream I was in a math class with Chris and a bunch of idiots I don’t know and it was in a college classroom. The teacher assigned us seats but there was a seat opened in front of Chris. I casually moved my stuff there and sat in front of Chris. Then some other girl sat in my seat and the teacher caught her. He told her to return back to her seat. Then he noticed that it was my seat too and told me to get back to my seat. After school, I needed to take my allergy medicine but I grabbed the wrong one. It had an unfamiliar name but it said ‘Allergy Medication’ so I figured it was okay to drink it. Another guy took some as well but he had an allergic reaction to it. He started breathing heavily and he was sweating a lot. The teacher told him to come in front of the class. The teacher started punching the guy but he dodged every attack and countered it with his own movements. The teacher realized it was the medicine’s side effect for people who were allergic to it. He knew this because he experienced the same effect when he took it ten years ago. It compelled him to become violent and rob a bank and that’s why he went to jail. That was it..

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October 22, 2011

Okay, my dream began with me going to Hellyer Park with Chris at around 6:00 p.m. He said we won’t be there long; we’ll leave in an hour or so. We were walking around the lake when it got dark. The sky turned pitch black and it didn’t look like 7:00. I checked the time and it was 7 so we were going to go home. As we kept walking, the sky got darker and darker. I clang onto Chris’s arm for safety. All of a sudden, big enormous alien creatures came out of the lake. They were firing beams and rays at the humans and we started running. There were medium and small sized aliens too; they were about human and dog sized. That’s when I learned that Chris was one of them too! He just looked more like a human than any of them. Despite being an alien, he tried to help me escape. There was a big gigantic robot alien chasing after us. I think he knew that Chris was betraying them. Ahead, I saw a big dark area of the park. At first, I was scared to go in there because I wouldn’t be able to see anything so there could catch me at anytime but when I looked back, the alien was also scared of it. I didn’t know why so I ran in there anyway. The alien followed me and we were in the area and the alien seemed paralyzed. Chris came in and he was feeling weak as well. He said this area was to weakened the aliens so they’re unable to do any harm. He instructed me to kill the big guy but I was reluctant because I thought somehow, he would get his strength back and he would strike first. I did it anyway and he collapsed. The Alien Boss was angered that one of his minions fell and his other one betrayed him. I don’t know why but Chris and I went out of the area and continued running. All the other aliens were chasing us and it seemed almost hopeless. All of a sudden, I’m inside a car. I looked up and there was an alien shooting beams out of the car. He was the one who saved me and he said he doesn’t like the way the Alien Boss does things because he’s never recognized for his valiant efforts so he decided to help me instead. This alien was a yellow blob floating in the air and he lives in a car twenty feet from the ground. Chris was next to me and he said he had to go. He used his finger to rip a fabric in the air and a portal appeared. He went inside and I was told to stay in the car. The other alien in the car was really nice but I was paranoid someone would find me up here. Then I looked out the window and I see the Mothership taking in various aliens. It even took some big ones. Then I felt I was floating and the car was being lifted. We were both going into the Mothership. Inside, all the aliens were standing on a concrete platform. Immediately, I knew what was going to happen: the Alien Boss was going to crush all of them for their inadequate ability. I saw the platform close up and everyone on their were destroyed. I was able to survive because right at the moment when the platform was starting to close, Chris opened another portal and grabbed in into it just in time. Then I woke up.

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